The latest EP, Hall of Violence from Berlin based DJ/Producer Rampa, aka Gregor Sutterlin came out a few months back. You may remember he scored our best track of 2016 with the amazing ‘Necessity’. Hall Of Violence features three stellar tracks, the tense and Afro inspired  ‘Bimma’, the thick chug and constant noodling melody of ‘Fluke’  and the poignant groove of the title track. The latter is an inventive and intensely cerebral dose of tightly wound rhythms, hugely effective percussion, subtle arpeggio synths and a dramatic low end. A warped and elongated vocal sample fits hand in glove with the track’s overall disposition. Listen to ‘Hall Of Violence’ below and buy the EP on vinyl, his first effort for Innervisions, here.


A1. Hall Of Violence
B1. Bimma
B2. Fluke


Hall Of Violence

Rampa (GER)

From the EP, ‘Hall Of Violence. Innervisions.

Audio Stream (Preview)

Audio Stream (Full track)