Portland quartet The Prids have unveiled their exquisitely shot new video for ‘Summer Cult’, the dark yet shimmering second single and opening cut from their upcoming album Do I Look Like I’m In Love. The video, while beautifully toned in its golden hues and delightfully self-aware is an almost satirical take on the forlorn search for meaning and sense of belonging associated with the pagan cults of the psychedelic era. It’s theme metaphorically aligns nicely with lyrics that ponder the consequences of a paper thin culture practiced by a throwaway society not only divorced from reality but trading on self-delusion. An unforgiving society ruled by a system that rewards meaningless self-obsession and one that is unable to focus beyond narrow short term thinking. All the while altruism, creating lasting and purposeful connections and a true sense of community is not only discouraged but denigrated.

The choice of ‘Summer Cult’ as the follow up to the title track is indicative of its qualities coming as it does from among a plethora of possible singles the band could lift from an album that runs very deep. It’s brooding verses are characterised by rolling bass, a delicate guitar melody, a sparse beat and mantra like vocals all augmented by slowly unfolding synth filled atmospherics. They provide the segue, later twinned with guitar effects, for the band to soar explosively into a pop soaked, anthem like chorus characterised by its earnest vocal harmonies and overlaid by a simple yet potent guitar hook to die for.

Watch the video below and in case you missed it, check out the clip they shared for the title track two weeks back here. Do I Look Like I’m In Love is out on October 20 through the band’s label This-a-Way Records.


Summer Cult

The Prids (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Do I Look Like I’m In Love’, This-a-Way Records. Out Oct. 20.

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