“…the feeling that everything might fall apart at any minute might even be enough to keep the millennials listening past the one minute mark.” 

With no build up and little fanfare, Melbourne’s wonderfully underachieving pop ensemble Ciggie Witch released their exquisitely ramshackle new album last week. Titled Mad Music, it’s a work of honesty to a fault, fragile yet full of conviction and nicely follows up the outstanding Classic Connection from June last year. The project, begun by Zac Denton and Mitch Clemens, and boasting Ashley Bundang, Liam Halliwell, Joe Foley, Lauren Huynh as well as Zac’s brother Lachlan again employs its homespun pop to great effect emotively adding in tinges of rock, slithers of country as well as decent pinches of humility and self deprecation for good measure.

Ideas threatening tautness quickly become loosely executed song structures built around guitars and keys and the odd harmonica which frequently threaten to implode or fall apart portraying an acute self-awareness and mirroring the lyrical uncertainties present. But you just know that true to form and despite the difficulties, they’re always going to hang tough and stay the course. Self-sabotage of sorts? Of course. Full of one takes and human foibles? You bet. A heartwarming and loveable serve of self-derisory angst? Guaranteed.

Listen to the duality of ‘Shadow’ below. Musically it runs like an AM radio inspired road trip but lyrically is full of regret, frustration, inertia and minor self loathing. It underscores the nature of the band perfectly. Mad Music is available through Lost and Lonesome digitally and physically on cassette only here.



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From the album, ‘Mad Music’, The Lost & Lonesome Recording Co.

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