Melbourne DIY outfit MOD CON are set to release their rollicking yet instructive debut single ‘Do It Right Margot’, as part of a split 7″ vinyl release with Fair Maiden, which features Summer Flake‘s Stephanie Crase. Born out of Palm Springs, originally the folk and country inspired solo project of Erica Dunn (Harmony, Tropical Fuck Storm), the addition of multi-instrumentalists Sara Retallick (Golden Syrup) on bass and Raquel Solier (Various Asses V/A) on drums soon saw the trio take things in a dramatic new direction music wise, hence the creation of a whole new project.

Their first single, an angsty piece of garage inspired punk rock, is a vehicle of sorts for channeling their disgust at the way many Anglo-Australians, bloated up on nationalist sentiment and possessing and an obnoxious sense of entitlement, set the acceptance bar impossibly high for new arrivals. Guitarist/vocalist Dunn, who has worked with refugees for many years, has seen the work their arses off to fit in with what is essentially an Australia that lacks any real culture of note anyway. And that’s not to mention the country’s contentment with the constant and ongoing human rights abuses of some of the world’s most vulnerable people supposedly under its “care” and “protection” on gulags in Nauru and Manus Island.

“it contemplates the many hoops we have to jump through to ‘fit in’. I worked for years with newly arrived refugees, and this is a response to the lengths i observed them going to try and get their heads around what ‘being normal’ in Australia was. It’s a call and response between someone who is dictating terms and someone who is asking for acceptance.” Erica Dunn.

‘Do It Right Margot’ is out with Fair Maiden’s ‘Coal’ physically through Poison City Records on November 10. Pre-order it here. Watch the video produced by Defero Productions below and listen to the noir like atmospherics of Coal’ over at Weirdo Wasteland.


Do It Right Margot


From the forthcoming 7″ split single with Fair Maiden, ‘Do It Right Margot / Coal’, Poison City. Out Nov 10.

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