Oslo DIY electronic pop trio Sassy 009 are set to release their debut EP Do Your Mind this Friday. Their latest single is the gorgeously buoyant ‘Are You Leaving’ which with its bouncy luminescence seems almost the polar opposite on first spin to the icy yet affecting low end dominated debut single ‘Pretty Baby’ released back in September. However, both tracks are marked as just as much by their commonalities, a distinctly insistent bass sound, busy off beats and multi dimensional dream like states that intersect regularly, especially through the disparite yet unifying vocal harmonies. And both are indicative of their multifaceted and layered approach to the dance, electronic and pop genres they trade in, evidence of their considerable musical intellect and ability to apply left field ideas and understated experimentation to great effect. A case where creative indulgence serves to fascinate not frustrate.

‘Are You Leaving’ comes complete with an Andreas Bjørseth directed video which sees the trio, Sunniva Lindgård, Teodora Georgijevic and Johanna Scheie Orellana occupy various spaces around the Norwegian capital as well as at Verdens Ende on the southern tip of Tjøme Island. Two things will strike you immediately upon watching, especially when put alongside the qualities they offer in their musical compositions. Firstly, even though much of this material was in the main penned and produced by Lindgård, there exists a real closeness and a demonstrable sense of equality among the trio, the result of long term friendships and a shared vision. Secondly, there is a savvy self-awareness present that exudes both confidence and humility and makes it clear that they exist for no other reason than to create distinctive  electronic music sans boundaries. The subtle defiance on display throughout the video is also seemingly indicative of a determined independence that has little time for convention or playing to expectations.

Sassy 009 mark the release of their EP at Jaegar Oslo on November 10. Do You Mind is out this Friday the 3rd on Hard Up & Luft Recordings. Obtain your copy here. One of the best debut releases of the year.



1. Summin’ You Up
2. Pretty Baby
3. Feel Me
4. Are You Leaving
5. Wounds


Are You Leaving

Sassy 009 (NOR)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Do You Mind’, Hard Up & Luft Recordings.

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Pretty Baby

Sassy 009 (NOR)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Do You Mind’, Hard Up & Luft Recordings.

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