A mere two months after the release of their seventh album Beauty Point, Melbourne pop stalwarts The Ocean Party have again wasted no time in announcing the release of more new material. It comes in the form of Guilt, a new six track EP to be released in December. Intensely personal and confessional as ever, it is characterised lyrically by its at times wry use of everyday experiences, mental recollections and geographical references as devices to convey complex emotional dilemmas. It brings to bear states of mind temporarily suspended by anxiety, self doubt, regret and with reference to the EP title, guilt. Indeed, the singular track names alone are instructive enough to perhaps suggest that there’s a little more heightened impatience attached to these emotions than usual and some personal decisions to be made in relation to questions posed.

Despite the moments of angst lyrically, music wise it’s an intoxicatingly pleasurable ride, one positively overflowing with nuance, duality and depth. Unlike previous releases where they are shared across five members, Lachlan Denton provides his earnest vocals on all six tracks and is beguilingly diffuse in his style and delivery. Strikingly busy and simultaneously delivered melodies are aided by the employment of generous helpings of pedal steel and understated electronics. They are inventively arranged and layered across distinctive full and warm bass tones underpinned by an innate sense of timing. The immediacy delivered as a result is no better illustrated than on the insistent ‘Tell’, the EP’s pensive turned expansive lead single. Feelings of inadequacy and guilt abound throughout as Denton pleads to be told there’s nothing wrong only to bail before the answer, his attention span moving him on. Listen to the track below and look out for Guilt to appear through Spunk Records on December 1.

If you live in Sydney get down to the Petersham Bowling Club tonight for the band’s belated Harbour City launch of Beauty Point. They’re on at 9 while the immense talent of Emma Russack precedes them at 8. Details here. To get warmed up watch the video for Beauty Point track ‘Memorial Flame Trees’ released earlier last month below as well.


1. Vein
2. Tell
3. Out
4. Pouch
5. Bank
6. Mine 



The Ocean Party (AUS)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Guilt’, Spunk Records. Out Dec. 1.

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Memorial Flame Trees

The Ocean Party (AUS)

From the album, ‘Beauty Point’, Spunk Records.

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Official Video


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