Just received the heads up about some new activity from Stars In Coma, the long time project of Malmø based artist André Brorsson. Since beginning to release material back in 2005 with the mini-album Gizmo Goes To War on Popkonst Recordings, he’s put out no less than 20 recordings rich with diversity which include eight full length albums, four EP’s, a number of rarities and outtakes releases and a tribute to Stevie Moore. It’s a pity then that for some reason none of them made the radar here. To rectify it now then…

After the death of his father in 2012 and the release of the heartfelt The Confessional Sun in 2014, a new three year writing process began in earnest which finally culminated in August and September with the release of two albums, the the pop inspired Escapist Partisans and the baroque and folk styled Defunct Summer.

The track we’d like to share is the gorgeously refined ‘Subtraction Exercises’, the first single that came from Escapist Partisans. Dealing with feelings of ambivalence after a falling out with a friend, Brorsson’s dreamy yet earnest vocals tell the tale all the while bathed in jangle pop inspired guitar melodies and synth drenched atmospherics. Each time he repeats the expertly sequenced guitar and synth hook during the elongated chorus, manna of metaphorical heaven is reached. All is kept taut and honest by a consistently assured rhythm that will have you hitting the repeat button. It’s guitar pop at its finest.

It’s time to get acquainted with the back catalogue me thinks! In case you missed like we did, listen to ‘Subtraction Excerises’ below and pick up one or both releases through Moonport Records here.


Subtraction Exercises

Stars In Coma (SWE) 

From the album, Escapist Partisans’, Moonport Records.

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