Norwegian collective Wauwatosa, centring on songwriting producers Sigurd Ytre-Arne and Martin Langerød have released a new single ‘Snakes’. The enduring dual purposes inherent in Broen vocalist Marianna Sangita Røe’s delivery is surrounded by enveloping dreamy electronics and carefully inserted samples, both elements beautifully juxtaposed up against a stilted yet hypnotic off kilter beat. Sangita Røe had this to say about the lyrics she wrote for the track;

“Being different is not easy. It is a curse and a blessing, both to the person who is different but also to the people around that individual. I grew up between two countries, Greece and Norway, which means that no matter which country I’m in, I’m always a little different. And there are lots of people like me. During these tumultuous times where being different is something which is discussed and pointed at a lot I cannot stop thinking about it. So when Sigurd sent me the music, I wrote this.”

‘Snakes’ is out on Melbourne label Spirit Level. Listen and watch their DIY made video below. Available on all streaming services.


Snakes (feat. Marianna Sangita)

Wauwatosa (NOR)

From the single, ‘Snakes’, Spirit Level.

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