Last week Luxembourg born and New York City based Icelandic composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Úlfur (Ulfur Hansson) released his transformative new album Arborescence. Combining homemade traditional instrumentation with a dizzying array of electronics, it represents his adept ability to work his many musical influences and guises into a cohesive musical whole, organically at one with natural order of things as much as he is apart from them through clever use of the synthetic and the processed. Witness the shapeshifting ‘Rhinoceros’ and the cavernous ‘Weightlessness’ as cases in point. Genre wise, it takes in sonic landscapes as diverse as the electro-folk of ‘Fovea’, the sparkling ambience ‘Serpentine’ and the out of nowhere black metal assault thanks to the drumming of Greg Fox on opener ‘Arborescence’.

This creates a sonic widescreen that can be as introspective and calming as it is extroverted and positively violent, the unexpected twists and turns simply thrilling. And the stunningly intricate and diverse string work of múm co-founder Gyda Valtydottir assists the mood throughout with more than able contributions from Skúli Sverrisson and Zeena Parkins. Repeated listens will take to places only the deepest recesses of the mind can reach. Immerse yourself in Hansson’s seven track wonder and see how far yours can stretch. Arborescence is out now on the newly minted Shahzad Ismaily founded label figureight records. Buy here.


1. Arborescence
2. Tómið Titrar
3. Rhinoceros
4. Fovea
5. Serpentine
6. Weightlessness
7. Vakandi


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From the album, ‘Arborescence’, figureight records.

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