Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas have released a new single, ‘Futur Parlé’ complete with video. It’s the first release from Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau together since their impressive full length Demain Est Une Autre Nuit from early 2016. The track’s dual textures and dark and tense mood was inspired by the work of novelist Phillip K. Dick, in particular his novel A Scanner Darkly and its portrayal of fragility, disconnectedness, addiction and a loss of control taking place within an intrusive futuristic pseudo-scientific context. It’s patient and deliberative build up seems to mirror the inevitable path of the novel’s protagonist and his slow descent into madness and anonymity and is characterised by an insistent high tempo dance beat that sets a patterned tempo for the hypnotic synth work and atmospherics to slowly internalise the darkness. Davidson’s spoken word intervention juxtaposed up against an ethereal backing vocal chant adds to the unease.

The frenzied blur of Christopher Royal King directed video for the track further captures its sense of disorientation and the loss of control to technology, a visual commentary of sorts on the dystopian existence we are slowly carving out for ourselves . King had this to say on the thinking behind it;

“The realization of ‘post-truth’ in modern times has ultimately blurred the lines of reality and the perception of what is ‘real’. The domino effect has created this frenetic, almost post-apocalyptic landscape and I wanted to attempt to create a narrative and world that attempts to capture the paranoia of trying to function and survive in such an environment.”

Buy ‘Futur Parlé here and if you live in Europe you can catch them on tour. Dates here.


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