Sydney experimental producer Phoebe Twigg, aka Ptwiggs released her debut EP Purge recently. It’s a work of cathartic electronic experimentalism informed by a genre defying fusion of techno, noise and industrial influences, re-interpreted and shaped by her determination to make music of a futuristic bent. Among the uneasy twists and turns, insistently huge beats and multi-layered sounds and effects, you’d be hard pressed to immediately pin point any particular direction other than its characterised by an undoubted DIY and punk aesthetic. As its name suggests, Purge is a no holds barred affair and Twigg takes no prisoners nor makes any apology in expressing the tension and dark emotions she needed to expel. Open your mind and take a ride through the artistic world of Ptwiggs by streaming the whole EP below. Its out now, including on vinyl through Deep Seeded Records. Buy here.


Purge (EP Stream)

Ptwiggs (AUS)

From the EP, ‘Purge’, Deep Seeded Records.

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EP Stream