Despite her affecting electronically driven music swirling around here albeit at arms length for the past year and a half, this is Indie30’s first post about Kedr Livanskiy, the project of Moscow musician and producer Yana Kedrina. She released her sprawlingly bittersweet debut album Ariadna in September on the back of her EP January Sun but for some reason… well, we don’t know really.

Two weeks back she released her self directed video with Konstantin Bushmanov and STEREOTACTIC for the dreamy ‘Your Name’ which sees two young women in rural Russia in one of those youthful rollercoaster like moments where day turns to night, the partying begins and unexpected twists and turns unfold. Kedrina told The Calvert Journal about the video;

“Half of the cast of the video is made of my friends. The other half are the fans, who answered my call-out looking for people to star in this new video. I’m very grateful for everyone who agreed to take part in this project and trusted me wholeheartedly. We wanted to create a classic teen drama and capture the mood of being young in 2003-2005, when your parents would send you outside of the city to your dacha for the summer. At that age, everyone’s concern was only how to get wasted and hook up with a girl or guy without your parents finding out. I don’t think anything has changed in the lives of teens in many of these regions, perhaps only the style of clothes they wear and the phones they use.” 

Ariadna is out now on 2MR. Buy it here.


Your Name (имя твоё)

Kedr Livanskiy (RUS)

From the album, ‘Ariadna’, 2MR.

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