One of our most favourite artists The Radio Dept. released a brand new single recently in the form of the nostalgic and guitar driven, ‘Your True Name’. Beautifully wistful but as acerbic and honest as ever, musically it heralds a return to the approach and sound that characterised their early dream pop years. With 2016’s Running Out Of Love being their last record for Labrador, the new single was released on their own imprint Just So! Records along with a vinyl reissue their 2003 debut album Lesser Matters which can only be purchased at this point in time from the merchandise desk at their shows. The Radio Dept. play Göteborg on the 16th February and Stockholm one night later with Istanbul duo Kim Ki O in support off the back of their new album Zan. Get in!


Your True Name

The Radio Dept. (SWE)

From the single, ‘Your True Name’, Just So!

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