Anywhere you want to go, we are family,” Lake Family, Lake Jons.

Helsinki three piece psych-pop outfit Lake Jons released their impressive self titled debut album last month. It’s a diverse and organic twelve track affair that comes off the back of their twin EP’s from 2016, Explore and Explode. To write and record the album the band made a conscious decision to get away from the Finnish capital and hole themselves away in a cabin in the country’s northern wilderness.

The aim was to try and examine, capture and represent whatever tenuous connection still exists between the natural world and all its organic elements of randomness and authenticity and the human world which seems to try to plan around and/or run further away from it with every passing day. The result is a work that effortlessly moves between euphoric wide-eyed wonder and earnest and deeply considered introspection.

Get a dose of that euphoria from checking out album opener, ‘Lake Family’ which reminds of the celebratory aura that surrounded bands like Le Loup and Akron/Family. Lake Jons is out now on AntiFragile Music. Buy/stream it here.


1. Lake Family
2. Breathe Out The Fumes
3. Fake Fire
4. Think Of It
5. Colors
6. Like Roses
7. Pocahontas
8. Don’t Shoot Me
9. Give Away
10. C’mon
11. Call Me
12. Up Here North


Lake Family

Lake Jons (FIN)

From the album, ‘Lake Jons’, AntiFragile Music.

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