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Heightened and hypnotic simultaneously is that is at all possible, ‘Pressure Drop’ the new single from Rebel Yell, entices as much as it threatens to menace. The industrial influenced techno project of Brisbane DJ/Producer Grace Stevenson has upped the ante with every release thus far and this firmly underscores her uncompromising underground credentials. Circular layers of dark, heavy elastic bass synth squelches create a tension that hovers about insistent and prepossessing beat, its groove doubling down on occasion to match the distant yet commanding vocal effect.  Watch the clever Tania Hernandez directed video for the track below which sees a bunch of primary age kids dancing with gay abandon with Stevenson tongue in cheekily at the helm. Their unadulterated moves are further accentuated by editing from Stevenson herself. Pressure Drop is out today on Rice Is Nice and will feature on her debut album, Hired Muscle scheduled for June.


Pressure Drop

Rebel Yell (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Hired Muscle’, Rice Is Nice. Release Date TBA.

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