Scottish electronic artist Kyle Molleson, aka Makeness has just announced the upcoming release of his debut album Loud Patterns and unveiled a new single + video to boot. We knew from the two tracks he released late last year on Secretly Canadian, ‘Loud Patterns’ & ‘Day Old Death*’ that another significant shift in approach was under way, especially in comparison to the cavernous techno and muscular sounds found on his previous release ‘Temple Works‘.

This third cut from the record, ”Stepping Out Of Sync’ boasts a straight, deliberative rhythm and infectious melody but true to its title, woozy, off centre effects ever so slightly unsettle both tone and mood. It leaves a cautionary note alongside an otherwise celebratory composition. The Felix Silvestris & Josha Eiffel directed video underscores that theme of disconnect.

While techno and house elements are still present, the diffuse nature of the three tracks aforementioned illustrates what we can expect from the album; and that is the unexpected. Loud Patterns serves to illustrate the importance Molleson puts on keeping a distance from totally embracing any particular electronic genre or style and firmly brings his voyeuristic relationship with pop music into focus with impressive effect. The album is out on April 6 through Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.

*’Day Old Death’ is at No. 14 in this week’s Top 30 chart.


1. Loud Patterns
2. Fire Behind The 2 Louis
3. Who Am I To Follow Love
4. Stepping Out Of Sync
5. Gold Star
6. The Bass Rock
7. Day Old Death
8. Rough Moss
9. Our Embrace
10. 14 Drops
11. Motorcycle Idling


Stepping Out Of Sync

Makeness (SCO)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Loud Patterns’, Secretly Canadian. Out Apr. 6.

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