Two and a half years back we shared the beautifully melancholy of ‘Table Talk‘ from Minneapolis duo Grand Courriers, a track that would later form part of their self titled debut EP. Now a quartet with guitarist Austin Levi as well as Alec Humphrey Weber and Jared Heinsch joining founder and mainstay Brady Lundy, back in January they shared the equally affecting track, ‘Tempted’ which has been sitting in the starting position all week in our Top 30.  The new single aches with poignancy as Lundy’s lavishly neat croon sits atop bubbling electronics, subtle guitar chords and a laconic like beat. If you haven’t listened to it yet as part of our chart, get the lowdown on its goodness below. No word on anything further but we wouldn’t be surprised if something is imminent. We’ll keep our ears to the ground this time.



Grand Courriers (USA)

From the single, ‘Tempted’, Self Released.

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