“I used to be too far inside my head, now I’m too far out of my skin.” – Lucy Dacus – Next of Kin.

Richmond based American artist Lucy Dacus releases her second album Historian on March 2 to follow up her 2016 debut No Burden. With the musically agile and commandingly honest first single ‘Addictions’ sitting at No. 13 in our Top 30 chart, last week saw a second single surface in the form of the cathartic texture driven  ‘Next Of Kin’. Taken together the two compositions are nicely indicative of the album’s effortlessly shifting melodies, restless timing changes and crisp amped up sound. Lyrically, Historian emotionally tracks the personal and political and in the end comes to the realisation that taking on a greater struggle against injustice through simply pursuing knowledge, awareness and understanding is the battle already won.

It starts out dark and ends hopeful, but it gets darker in between; it goes to the deepest, darkest, place and then breaks. What I’m trying to say throughout the album is that hope survives, even in the face of the worst stuff.”

Listen to ‘Next To Kin’ below and pre-order Historian here, out on March 2 through Matador and Remote Control.



1. Night Shift
2. Addictions
3. The Shell 
4. Nonbeliever 
5. Yours & Mine 
6. Body To Flame
7. Timefighter 
8. Next Of Kin 
9. Pillar Of Truth 
10. Historians 


Next Of Kin

Lucy Dacus (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Historian’, Matador/Remote Control.

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