Ghent DJ Producer Charlotte de Witte has announced the upcoming release of her second EP for 2018 and 10th overall, Heart Of Mine, sporting two originals she’s been playing in her sets for a while and a Lewis Fautzi remix. Having dropped the stomping Brussels EP early in January, the title track sees the Belgian continue down the same chasm like path and is another bass drum thumper. Employing space as wide as a yawning earth fissure across the track’s beginning, three different hi-hat sounds enter the fray to vary the track’s straight groove as urgent bursts of synth ring out slowly like a nocturnal clarion call alongside emotive vocal echoes.

Slowly developing frequencies and an repetitive accented mantra of the title characterise the central ingredients of ‘This’ on the flip side. de Witte again uses a huge beat and vast space as the base to carry the track’s spartan icy like elements into the fray before energetic percussive elements join them centre stage to bring it home. The final track sees Barcelos based Portuguese DJ/Producer Lewis Fautzi produce a compelling remix of ‘This’ and from the get go ratchets the track up in urgency, slowly enveloping the original’s ample space with a foreboding sense of atmospheric dark energy and a rolling thunder like low end.

Heart of Mine is out March 9 through Suara. Listen to the Sonar Festival premiere of the title track below and pre-order it here.


1. Heart Of Mine (Original Mix)
2. This (Original Mix)
3. This (Lewis Fautzi Remix)


Heart Of Mine

Charlotte de Witte (BEL)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Heart Of Mine’, Suara. Out Mar 9

Charlotte de Witte Official

Audio Stream ( Sónar Premiere)