Readers of this blog know we’ve had a massive crush on the exquisitely delivered 80’s pop stylings ex DC and LA based pop auteurs Brett since they released their amazing self titled debut in 2014. We had a tiny little tiff late last year when we had our heads turned elsewhere and missed two singles released in the wake of the Mustangs EP. But now we’ve reunited as the Mick Coogan led outfit begins 2018 in fine style with the duelling guitar pop wonder, ‘Roman Candle’ the first cut to be lifted from their forthcoming EP, Half.

After an immediately attractive intro that channels The Cure, it’s verse is driven by clean, authoritative bass before a chorus dominated by a soaringly familiar guitar hook sets the scene. But the track’s undoubted signature lies in the thrilling guitar interplay that harks back to New Order’s comeback era. Lyrically, Coogan laments the political ascendancy of the culturally narrow, socially backward and hate riddled rule of the right wing in his home country and the expert use of feedback recreate the dissonance his country is currently experiencing

But as we’ve come to expect from Brett, even in their most bittersweet of moments, rays of hope always shine through, hence the song’s title. And as always the attention Brett pay to musical detail in both form and sound is what will keep our little distant romance alive and keep us coming back for more every time. ‘Roman Candle’ is out now while Half will surface March 16 on 10K Islands. Pre-orders up soon.


Roman Candle

Brett (USA)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Half’, 10k Islands.

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