“(their musical territory is) between The Bangles and Black Flag.” Gareth Liddiard.

Melbourne DIY rock trio MOD CON have announced the upcoming release of their debut record Modern Convenience. Having taken on the subject of Australia’s disgusting treatment of refugees on debut single ‘Do It Right Margot‘, released late last year, the no holds barred second single, ‘Neighbourhood’ does likewise to the country’s main failing, its appalling treatment of and attitude towards the First Australians. It examines the callous mixture of ignorance and arrogance that manifests itself in its local context each January when many Anglo-Australians display their real attitudes towards Aboriginal Australians through their glossing over of country’s genocidal colonial and post-independence history.

The complete bewilderment and frustration the band experience each January when seeing people gathering and celebrating in their local neighbourhood around BBQ’s and at the beach while Aboriginal people are in annual mourning is reflected in the track’s refusal to countenance a chorus and in its muscular guitar and bass interplay. It’s most in evidence in Erica Dunn’s empathetically ferocious vocals as she satirically howls down just how casually nasty some people can be when they are given the green light to be that way by a nasty right wing government.

The album was recorded around Easter last year and the angst in the track reflected Australia Day 2017. Sadly, the 2o18 version was to up the ante in its ignorance and vitriol. The casual disregard many Australians have for the historical and contemporary truths can be seen in their dismissal of the ongoing pain and hurt that two attempts at physical, mental and cultural destruction are still inflicting upon so many of the country’s Aboriginal people.

The appalling lack of knowledge about their own country and empathy towards a section of their own people comes in their defence of the indefensible. That the appropriateness of having the national day on an anniversary that marks the establishment of the colony of New South Wales and the invasion of the Eora nation, the first of 300 invasions across 150 years is even defended is palpable. It serves notice to anyone who thinks of Australia as a fair minded, progressive nation to think again. Because that it ain’t.

Watch the grungy video for the track shot on 16mm by James Thomson below and pre-order Modern Convenience here. It’s out April 6 on Poison City.


1. Scorpio Moon
2. Submit
3. Mirror Of Venus
4. Tell Me Twice
5. Bad Time At The Hilton
6. Neighbourhood
7. Do It Right Margo
8. Kidney Auction Blues
9. Wanna Dance
10. Get In Front Of Me, Satan




From the forthcoming album, ‘Modern Convenience’, Poison City. Out Apr. 6.

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