Firenze’s Reform, made up of the DJ/producers Andrea Gengaroli and Ludovico Bracciali  have been said to decimate dance floors. A single listen to their stunning new four track EP Former not only reveals that hyperbolic statement be true, it might actually be an understatement. Like all quality techno, their first release for Pan Pot’s Second State imprint is meticulously layered and brimming with complementary opposites. They also combine digital with analog elements and prove expert at using volume to not only establish mood but also to use as a devastatingly effective weapon.

The title track is deceptive in its outward urgency and what lurks on or just below the audio surface is just as pivotal as the massive elements up front in creating the overall atmosphere. The track is ushered in by its seemingly massive lone beat but its the nuance that’s immediately noticed by the keen ear. The ever so slight change to its drum levels, the employment of a single faint hi-hat and an atmospheric synth glow that’s barely audible serves immediate notice that these guys are top notch. Things fully hit stride when a forebodingly dramatic synth squiggle appears on the scene to create measured madness. When complemented by the canny use of percussion setting a cracking elastic rhythm, you’ve got techno gold.

Taken together all four tracks reveal Reform’s attention to detail both in crafting their thoughtful duelling like arrangements but also in their slavish ear for sound. An exceptional release. It’s out through Second State Records. Buy it here.



Reform (ITA)

From the EP, ‘Former’, Second State.

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