Brooklyn based artist Maria Usbeck has been busily working away creating new material for a new album to follow up Amparo, her excellent debut from 2016. Her first cut to surface since then however, ‘Bosque De Bambú’, a splendid piece of synth fused pop characterised by a musical and cultural duality, will not appear on it. Written three years ago, it was recently brought to life in the studio with Kurt Feldman and Heba Kadry behind the desk, and is a perfect reminder of why we fell in love with the first solo venture from the ex-Selebrities vocalist. Its sprightly sun kissed verse is juxtaposed against its determinedly ardent chorus representing both joyous freedom and a resolve to express it free of social norms and constraints. Elaborating on that, Usbeck had this to say;

“Bosque De Bambú is a song that should be played anytime you feel that you are breaking the norm. It’s a song about no limits, a love with no boundaries. Feeling free of society’s restrictions and embracing the moment. Getting lost in it. Love who you wanna love.”

The single also sees the Ecuadorian born Usbeck continue to utilise the Spanish language roots she eschewed as a teenager upon moving to the United States and began re-exploring on Amparo. Musically it involved enlisting the talents of Andrea Toscano on kalimba (marímbula/mbira/thumb piano) to reflect the African musical influence on her the region of her birth. No word on when the first material from the new album will surface but for now we can bask in the glory of this little gem. ‘Bosque De Bambú’ is out through Cascine and Labrador, a mighty fine combination. Buy it here and listen below.


Bosque De Bambú

Maria Usbeck (USA/ECU)

From the single, ‘Bosque De Bambu’, Cascine/Labrador.

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