Adelaide DJ/Producers Robert Koster and Gavin Lane, aka Groov Mekanik and Adorno respectively, have come together to contribute a track each for new electronic label Monotreme ADL’s second EP release, Data From Above. Regular visitors to Indie30 might recall the Lucid Sands EP from last month, the label’s excellent first release featuring Featherstone and Centerpoint. You may have also recognised that the former’s track ‘Lucid’ hit the top ten in this week’s chart. We’re pleased to report then that the emerging label’s follow up release does no more and no less than match that in both quality and ambition, providing the Adelaide based label’s contributive and collaborative focus with the strongest of beginnings .

Koster has been plying his trade as a techno DJ and producer under the Groov Mekanik moniker for over five years and the release of A-side ‘Above The Clouds’ is his third original release and seventh overall. It’s a stunning blissed out work based on the construction of both linear and circular rhythms and a veritable kaleidoscope of ambient inspired melodies. After an introspective interlude in its mid section, the track’s second half unfolds to reveal a sense of what Koster himself calls ‘controlled chaos’ where strict techno beats rise and fall, appear and disappear and move slightly in and out of the central rhythm. It is such attention to detail that is most impressive.

Lane turns the burners down a notch in comparison and brings a semi chilled vibe to ‘Any Lost Data’, his first ever recorded contribution as Adorno. Minimal synth motifs begin proceedings alongside a plethora of restless percussive elements before a substantive beat begins orienting the track towards the establishment of a glistening groove of stylish proportion. By combining well suited aspects from a variety of electronic genres and the applying both short and long form synth based structures, Lane allows the track to both simmer and boil almost simultaneously which makes for an enthralling sonic journey across its substantive 12 minutes.

The Data From Above is out now on Monotreme ADL. Listen to both tracks below and get a digital copy of the EP here.


Above The Clouds

Groov Mekanik (AUS)

From the EP, ‘Adorno v Groov Mekanik – Data From Above’, Monotreme ADL.

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Any Lost Data

Adorno (AUS)

From the EP, ‘Adorno v Groov Mekanik – Data From Above’, Monotreme ADL.

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