Birmingham DJ & DIY Electronic and House Producer Andrew Morrison aka The Cyclist, has wasted little time in following up his excellent Sapa Inca Delirium LP from last October with a new dreamy four track house EP, Alabaster Thrones. The title track enlists Ancient Greece as a reference point and uses Homer and the fragile nature of alabaster, the substance used in the creation of the throne room of Knossos as allegory. Brought together, the lesson is essentially to be humble and of use to others.

Compositionally Morrison continues, albeit more sparingly, with the use of ‘tape throb’ to bring a little edginess to the sun kissed proceedings, a technique combining a tape recorder with the latest in production gear. This provides him with a subtle base from which to work where he delicately scuffs up, filters and muffles his smooth electronic creations to give them the unique Cyclist flavour. There is beauty in seeking out imperfection. The detailed delights of the title track is streaming below while the EP is available April 6 through L.A’s 100% Silk. Pre-order here.


Alabaster Thrones

The Cyclist (ENG)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Alabaster Thrones’, 100% Silk. Out digitally & on vinyl Apr 6.

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