The 30 track compilation from Austin’s Holodeck Records released two weeks back has, much like its equivalent released by Los Angeles label 100% Silk the month before albeit for very different reasons, proven to be this year music gift that keep on giving. Apart from the extraordinarily diverse range of artists and tunes, the special thing about the Holodeck release is that among the “big” and “known” names you’ll find artists and projects making their first foray into the world of recorded and released music. You’ll also find further evidence of Holodeck’s determination to expand its musical palette.

Virgin Pool, the new project of former Austinite and now Los Angeles based artist Christine Aprile is one of those new projects which expands that palette. The first track, ‘Cloak & Dagger’ from the former Silent Diane member is a noir like drama filled affair, underpinned by murky lo-fi atmospherics, sweeping instrumentation, orchestral percussion with Aprile’s evocative vocals front and centre. In keeping with the track title’s reference to mystery, there’s little else we know about the project and from what we can ascertain no internet presence whatsoever. The label reports that there will probably be nothing more Virgin Pool until later in the year or early next. All we can do momentarily is shine light on the impressive debut below. Holodeck Vision One, which was our previous album of the week is out now and available here. We’ll be highlighting more of our favourites from it over the next few weeks.


Cloak & Dagger

Virgin Pool (USA)

From the compilation, ‘Holodeck Vision One’, Holodeck.

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