Berlin DJ/Producer Anja Schneider releases her new two track EP, Prosperity today on her own Sous Music to follow up last year’s excellent Top 30 Albums of 2017 listed full length SoMe. She also gifted us our Number 2 track of 2017 with the title track from the Twisty EP.  ‘Prosperity’ is a powerful techno statement, a thumping stripped back ball of energy which sees the drums and percussion take centre stage. There’s a distinct urgency at work in the track’s underbelly which taken with the track title could be construed many ways. The subtle and fractious whir underneath the energetic rhythms and a heavily processed vocal repeating the mantra ‘more life, more prosperity’, sends a both a warning and an insistent plea to the global elite. Either address the ever growing gap between the filthy rich and the rest of us and  work to initiate or restore work/life balance or face the inevitable consequences.

The B-side, ‘Signs’ sees her employ Chicago house elements all the while strictly adhering to and maintaining its straight techno character. Having founded Sous Music last year after leaving Mobilee it is clear that both the album and this EP have provided her with a new resolve to let mood dictate direction. It’s also indicative of Schneider’s determination to make whatever genre or genres of electronic music she feels like. In her own words ‘ Don’t be surprised if there is a surprise or two coming up”.

The Prosperity EP is available on vinyl here and digitally here.



Anja Schneider (GER)

From the EP, ‘Prosperity’, Sous Music.

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