Berlin based English experimental techno artist/producer Jamie Roberts aka Blawan, recently announced the forthcoming release of his debut album to be called Wet Will Always Dry. It comes in the wake of Nutrition, his excellent texture saturated and modular driven six track EP from last year which sported our 9th favourite track of 2017, ‘993’ and another in the Top 100 ‘Atlas’. The 8 tracks that will appear on Wet Will Always Dry were written on the back of Nutrition and see him deepen his foray into the use of modular instrumentation and add his own vocals to proceedings. The first single to appear from it is the manically circular ‘North’, which contains ample and subtle examples of both. Listen to that below and look out for the album to appear on June 18 through Stewart’s own TERNESC imprint.


1. Klade
2. Careless
3. Tasser
4. Vented
5. North
6. Stell
7. Kalosi
8. Nims



Blawan (ENG)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Wet Will Always Dry’, TERNESC. Out Jun 18.

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