“It’s a position of power being on a microphone, it’s a desperate demand to be seen. It’s funny and really sad.” Sarah Mary Chadwick

Melbourne based New Zealand artist Sarah Mary Chadwick recently announced the forthcoming release of her new and fourth solo album, Sugar Still Melts In The Rain. The first single to be taken from it is the plaintive and raw title track, deep in self examination and unflinching in its honesty. The distinctiveness of Chadwick’s powerful voice takes centre stage immediately, its bruising delivery and gripping imperfections channel both a sense of vulnerability and defiance. When combined with piano chords played with resolve and a slow deliberative beat, the bare emotion that results is palpable. Last week Chadwick shared its metaphorically appropriate Geoffrey O’Connor directed video which sees her alone with her piano keyboard atop a mound of roses and thorns.

Sugar Still Melts In The Rain is out May 11 through Rice Is Nice (AUS/NZ) and Sinderlyn (ROW). Pre-order here and here respectively.


1. Flow Over Me
2. It’s Never OK
3. Bauble On A Chain
4. Five Months
5. Waiting On A Season
6. Wind Wool
7. I Won’t Say Goodbye
8. Sugar Still Melts In The Rain
9. Dance Slowly
10. Felt My Heart
11. Become Foam
12. Lost Overwhelmed And Unsafe


Sugar Still Melts In The Rain

Sarah Mary Chadwick (NZL)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Sugar Still Melts In The Rain’, Rice Is Nice/Sinderlyn. Out May 11.

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