The middle of last month saw English DJ/Producer Boxia unleash his new four track EP and first on Drumcode, Ethereal Education  It’s one that again mines the deep recesses of his considerable dance music mind curated from two decades as a DJ and self confessed rave addict. Utilising this knowledge, the scope and depth of styles and influences he brings to the production table have characterised the vastly different approaches her has taken across his six previous EP’s and that is again in evidence here. Ambition aside, the key to Boxia’s creations, whatever form they take, exists in his refined and subtle handling of the diverse melodic elements he chooses to employ. Across the four very different animals here, he assembles an array of layered sonic tapestries and appropriate vocal samples borrowed from old skool, house, electronica and trance with considerable care and thought. None overpower or indeed are overpowered by the undeniable nod he gives to the Drumcode sound and the pumping, tense and cavernous atmosphere is actually enhanced through its connection with Boxia’s detailed aesthetic. The title track with its winding elongated chord driven melody being the perfect case in point.

Ethereal Education is streaming below in full now on the label’s soundcloud. Get the digital here.


1. No World Order
2. Only Human
3. Unreal
4. Ethereal Education


Ethereal Education (Full EP Stream)

Boxia (ENG)

From the EP, “Ethereal Education”, Drumcode.

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