Manchester born and Berlin based DJ/Producer Rebekah released her new cutting 2xEP My Heart Bleeds for Mord a week or so back. A relentlessly intense and dark affair from beginning to end, it follows up her 2017 LP, Fear Paralysis where she opted for a more explorative approach style wise. These nine tracks reflect her desire to re-focus down on sound design and production and hard techno beats wrapped in a disposition that is all dance floor. These three elements are on clear display on the mesmerisingly harsh “End Of Trauma”. Listen below and get a copy of the double EP on vinyl here.


A1 My Heart Bleeds Black
A2 Halo Effect
B1 Riot Control
B2 Disorder
C1 Empirical Cycle
C2 Unwanted
D1 End Of Trauma
D2 Waiting For You
D3 Opus Devotion


End Of Trauma

Rebekah (ENG)

From the 2xEP, ‘My Heart Bleeds Black’, Mord.

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