TOP 30: APRIL 11, 2018 VOL:10 NO:09

TOP 30: APRIL 11, 2018 VOL:10 NO:09

30. Dark Matter

Joeski (USA)

From the EP, “Drum Speaks/Dark Matter”, Nervous Records.

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29. End Of Trauma

Rebekah (ENG)

From the 2xEP, ‘My Heart Bleeds Black’, Mord.

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28. Toujours de Jamais

Automelodi (CAN)

From the compilation, ‘Holodeck Vision One’, Holodeck Records. 

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27. May Your Kindness Remain

Courtney Marie Andrews (USA)

From the album, ‘May Your Kindness Remain’, Mama Bird Recording Co./Fat Possum/Inertia.

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26. Reykjavik

Wayward (ENG)

From the EP, ‘Good Afternoon Mr Magpie’, Silver Bear Records.

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25. Crack On The D

Heidi Sabertooth (USA)

From the EP, ‘New U’, Lost Soul Enterprises.

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24. Done Thinking About It

Faustina Masigat (USA)

From the album, ‘Faustina Masigat’, Mama Bird Recording Co.

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23. Alpine Violet

Primal Code (ITA)

From the EP, Konstrukt 008, Konstrukt.

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22. Touchstone

Laura Jean (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Devotion’, Chapter Music. Out June 8.

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21. OK Karplus

Bill Converse (USA)

From the compilation, Holodeck Vision One, Holodeck Records.

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