TOP 30: APRIL 25, 2018 VOL:10 NO:11

TOP 30: APRIL 25, 2018 VOL:10 NO:11

20. From The Exotism To The Future

Underspreche (ITA)

From the compilation, ‘Secret Weapons: Part 10, Innervisions.

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19. Given Signs

Tess Roby (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Beacon’, Italians Do It Better. Out Apr 20 (US/CAN), May 4 (UK/ROW).

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Live Performance – KEXP Studios, February 2018.

18. Seven Sounds

Happy Axe (AUS)

From the single, ‘Seven Sounds’, Spirit Level.

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17. Done Thinking About It

Faustina Masigat (USA)

From the album, ‘Faustina Masigat’, Mama Bird Recording Co.

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16. Dark Matter

Joeski (USA)

From the EP, “Drum Speaks/Dark Matter”, Nervous Records.

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15. Alpine Violet

Primal Code (ITA)

From the EP, Konstrukt 008, Konstrukt.

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12. Touchstone

Laura Jean (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Devotion’, Chapter Music. Out June 8.

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13. Love Delicious 

Girls Of The Internet & Peven Everett (ENG/USA)

From the EP, ‘Love Delicious’, Ramp Recordings.

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12. Tempest

Pional (ESP)

From the EP, ‘Miracle / Tempest’, Permanent Vacation. 

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11. How Low

Pole Siblings (FIN)

From the EP, “Sköljer bort dig”, Strangers Candy.

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