Rosario DJ/Producer Joan Retamero unveiled his powerful debut EP Magnus for Movement Records a couple of weeks back. It consists of two originals, the title track and the propulsive and eclectic tech-house number ‘Between Two Souls’. They are accompanied by an uber-cool remix of ‘Magnus’ by Hamburg DJ/Producer Magdalena and a deep interpretation of the flip side’s original by Belgian producer Solemn Eye.

The progressive title track straddles the lines between the gritty and the smooth. It’s powered by a perfectly spacious beat that’s enhanced with a range of rich and precise percussive ideas that allow the track to almost energetically saunter.  Astride the rhythmic structures, a subtle yet funked up acid riff accentuates the movement as the grinding power of synths start to briefly dominate until joined byl an introspective yet weighty vocal. joined by and eventually give way to an unlikely and unexpected but most fitting release of vocal introspection. This serves to eventually bring  proceedings into a pensive holding pattern. Once released, the remaining two minutes see all elements come effortlessly together to nail a percussion intensive yet reflective and sensory final stretch.

Listen to the track below via Deep House Sweden and stream the EP via Spotify here. You can buy the digital EP exclusively here* but it is unfortunately not freely available on other digital platforms until, wait for it… June 11.



Joan Retamero (ARG)

From the EP, ‘Magnus’, Movement Recordings. *Out now digitally exclusive to Beatport (buy) and Spotify (stream) only. Delayed until June 11 on all other digital platforms.

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Audio Stream (Via Deep House Sweden)