English producer Jon Hopkins has released the super intense ‘Everything Connected’, the ten and a half minute centrepiece to his forthcoming record Singularity. Given Hopkins circular and organic creative and writing style and his intention to connect each track on the album through the others not to them, it should be of no surprise that it follows the musical approach taken on first single ‘Emerald Rush‘ . He’s also stated that the album musically and conceptually is best listened to and understood in a single sitting and how these tracks fit closely is a clue to how in terms of feel, the rest of the record will play out.

‘Everything Connected’s increase in tempo and super heightened elemental focus reflect both Singularity’s musical crescendo but also importantly its conceptual pinnacle. There’s a real sense of urgency in those high euphoric moments that time is of the upmost essence if human beings are turn around a multifarious long form global environmental disaster completely of our own making. For this to happen, we need to make the necessary cultural changes and achieve a perspective that facilitates a renewed respect for and somehow restores the long lost connections to the natural world. A worldview that has us ensconced in and part of the natural world, not above it, not outside it. The contemplation available in the space Hopkins has left amidst the euphoric and the dramatic here suggests he believes all is not lost yet. The second half of the album suggests that also. And after all, the track was originally called ‘Hope’.

Like he did with ‘Emerald Rush’, Hopkins has also made an edit of ‘Everything Connected’ that cuts the full length down by half and its this version that accompanies the official visual based audio. Do yourself a favour though and listen to the track in its entirety first before going there. They’re in that order below. Singularity is out this Friday, May 4 on Domino. Buy here.



Everything Connected (Full Version)

Jon Hopkins (ENG)

From the forthcoming album ‘Singularity’, Domino. Out May 4.

Jon Hopkins Official

Audio Stream


Everything Connected (Edit)

Jon Hopkins (ENG)

From the digital single, ‘Everything Connected’, Domino. 

Audio Stream (with visuals)