Portland lo-fi shoegaze/dream pop outfit Floating Room have announced the upcoming release of their infectiously varied new album False Baptism. To mark the occasion they’ve shared a hazy sun soaked video to accompany the release of complex lead single ‘Seashell’.

The track is a sprawling layered mix of dreamy but edgy guitar work from co-founders Maya Stoner and Kyle Bates, characterised by their hypnotic chord structures, warped yet warm reverb and a whammy bar appropriately applied to woozy shoegaze like effect. It’s also characterised by Stoner’s ethereal vocal tonality which glides in earnest throughout with appropriate low end counterpoints from partner in crime Bates (Drowse).

We first featured Floating Room in late 2016 when they released the excellent single Dead Weight from their previous effort Sunless and False Baptism represents a further growth musically and personnel wise for the project. Sonia Weber (Alien Boy) recently joined the duo on drums and was accompanied by rolling retinue of studio collaborators.

Subject wise it tackles Stoner’s ongoing frustration with the debilitating straightjacketing of women by mainstream society into power sapping frames of frailty as well as the toxicity of love, essentially the best and very worst of temporary mental illnesses. America’s god complex is also in her sights as is an insistence on need to transcend by getting high, on whatever that may be.

False Baptism is out on June 22 on Good Cheer Records which is co run by Stoner herself. Watch the video for ‘Seashell’ below and pre-order a copy of False Baptism here.



1. Dog
2. Seashell
3. Soft
4. Acid Queen
5. Friend
6. Lie
7. Pure
8. Falling Room



Floating Room (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘False Baptism’, Good Cheer Records. Out Jun 22.

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