Nashville artist Coco Reilly recently shared her debut song ‘Define You’ a self-instructive gem breezily delivered with tinges of country and pysch dancing around its pop centre. Reilly had this to say about marrying up lyrical lessons with the music’s care-free disposition;

“(Define You) started as a song for someone else and then halfway through I decided to write it for myself. I thought: “What kind of love song could someone write for me that would really sweep me off my feet?” After experiencing a relationship that contained strong elements of insecurity and jealousy, I was pretty burned out and it made me think:  How do I avoid this going forward? What can I learn from it, and how do I make sure I keep my own emotions in check so I never make anyone else feel that way?” I had been trying to cook this complex concept in my head into a simple message that served as a baseline of how I would want to be treated and how I intend to treat someone else.  The music in the song matches how I think love should feel. Happy, warm, easy-going and free.”

The self released ‘Define You’ benefited from an ultra proficient backing band led by guitarist/producer Jerry Bernhardt and is available here. Stream it below.


Define You

Coco Reilly (USA)

From the single, ‘Define You’, Self Released.

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