Globetrotting French DJ/Producer Karim Sahraoui recently delivered an ultra smooth and self exploratory new record for R&S called Plentitude. The three track EP is the first of two he has scheduled for the Belgian label, the second of which is almost complete. Plentitude features the magnificent depth of techno inspired opener ‘Spy Of The Desert’ which came in at 8 on Resident Advisor’s DJ Chart for April. It combines rolling hypnotic percussion, percolating electronics, mysterious atmospherics and a shimmering Arabian sound. The other two tracks are up there too with the twinkling jazz inflected house of ‘Born Again’ and the outward emotive beauty of ‘Before The Second Coming’.

While Sahraoui’s personal intent and devout spirituality comes through clearly, the varied utility that can be derived from his sublime compositions are a salient reminder that transcendence is not just the domain of those of faith and religious belief. It has always had a happy association with non-spiritual, scientific and earthy forms of wonder too. Listen to ‘Spy Of The Desert’ below and get a copy of the EP through R&S Records on vinyl and digital here.


Spy Of The Desert

Karim Sahraoui (FRA)

From the EP, ‘Plentitude’, R&S.

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