When words fail, music speaks – It’s a motto spoken by Label Sphère & with the joy of sounds connecting people on dance floors across the globe, I’m sure it’s a sentiment we can all appreciate. Located in Toulouse, also known as ‘The Pink City’, they’ve been producing music in the south of France for many years & delivering tunes on Bandcamp for name your price since the beginning of 2016.

Space Oddities is their remarkable compilation from earlier in the year. It precedes their current output Event Horizon, which I enjoyed, but feel is overshadowed with the awe formed by the four tracks collected on this triumphant EP.  Kolkoz Mastering ensures that each artists story for both releases is told in the highest regard, with a copacetic sound quality that shines through on any medium you decide to play it through.

The adventure begins with alien bird calls inviting us to enter the exotic landscape of Birdhouse, the opening track produced by James M. An absolute gem that while chill, keeps you fascinated as the beat rolls steadily along. Rituals is the juggernaut that follows, it’s my current pick of the bunch & a solid banger that’s certain to get your body moving. Constructed by Lukea, who at the time, had only recently delivered another fine release via the Cupidity EP, is someone to definitely keep an eye on.

We head down a breakbeat route for the latter half of the odyssey, guided first by duo Synge with their intricate number Rose De Jericho. A solid yet beautiful path that one could get comfortably lost in, takes us toward the outskirts of space and time where Pedrich supplies the finale Tu Me Plais – it’s French for ‘I like you’. Here a hard kick drum & trippy bass line quickly grab your attention, subtlety building until the snare hits, propelling you towards wavy synths where you feel free to move as you please until the noises all fade away. It’s a splendid aural excursion that leaves a content feeling with thoughts to travel back soon.

Shannon Dickson – May 14, 2018

Space Oddities can be streamed via bandcamp below. You can download this plus more awesome tunes for a name your price arrangement from Label Sphère Records here


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