10. Seven Sounds

Happy Axe (AUS)

From the single, ‘Seven Sounds’, Spirit Level.

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9. Back In Brooklyn

Half Waif (USA)

From the album, ‘Lavender’, Cascine.

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8. OK Karplus

Bill Converse (USA)

From the compilation, Holodeck Vision One, Holodeck Records.

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7. Done Thinking About It

Faustina Masigat (USA)

From the album, ‘Faustina Masigat’, Mama Bird Recording Co.

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6. Collarbones 

Braids (CAN)

From the digital single, Collarbones/Burdock & Dandelion’, Flemish Eye

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5. Moon In Aquarius

The Beat Escape (CAN)

From the album, ‘Life Is Short The Answer Long’, Bella Union.

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4. From The Exotism To The Future

Underspreche (ITA)

From the compilation, ‘Secret Weapons: Part 10, Innervisions.

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3. Diminuendo

Daniel Avery (ENG)

From the album, ‘Songs For Alpha’, Mute.

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2. Loveless

Hi & Saberhägen (SCO/IRE)

From the EP, ‘Light On Leaves’, Intergraded.

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1. I Don’t Have To

Sibille Attar (SWE)

From the EP, ‘Paloma’s Hand’, PNKSLM Recordings

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