Folk/pop duo RYVOLI have released the poignant second single ‘Roots’ from their forthcoming EP, Theories. Heartfelt vocals float above and heightened guitars sit astride a broken folk inspired rhythm while a one part melancholy, one part hopeful sounding cello takes centre stage. The captivating song traces the difficulties experienced reluctantly returning home after years abroad and wondering how to go about putting down roots again. It’s also built on the special intangible feeling that close human connection brings and how painful it feels when its severed by uncertainty.

Jenn Whiteman and Samantha Howard were long time residents of Paris and met and collaborated musically while volunteering for a non-profit there. When her visa expired Whiteman was forced to return to the US with her partner leaving Howard and the strong friendship they’d built behind in France. Soon after Howard returned to her home in Pennsylvania and after visiting Whiteman and her family in Lexington decided to up and move there and RYVOLI, named after the Rue De Rivolie where they both worked, was born. On the strength of their first two singles, its clear their musical relationship mirrors the closeness of their personal one.

Despite being primarily sung by Howard, Whiteman actually wrote ‘Roots’ during her first night back in the US, hence its sense of bewilderment and longing. Listen to ‘Roots’ below where you can also find the more conventional ‘Sleep Talking’, a track which deals with staring down and demystifying anxiety, an all too familiar condition in this ultra-competitive neo-liberal capitalist nightmare we must all endure everyday.

Theories is out through Tone Tree Music on June 13. Just lovely.


1. Ulysses
2. Roots
3. Sleep Talking
4. Wine 
5. East




From the forthcoming EP, ‘Theories’, Tone Tree Music. Out Jun 13,

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Sleep Talking


From the forthcoming EP, ‘Theories’, Tone Tree Music. Out Jun 13.

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