Over the next couple of months we will establishing a number of genre based new music playlists that highlight our favourite newly and independently released tracks available on the Swedish based streaming service Spotify. We are aware this is limiting as many new tracks that precede their release date are not available and many electronic artists and the more staunchly underground are still rather wary of the platform and some will always be, for valid reasons.

While our almost decade old multi-genre weekly Top 30 will remain the jewel in the crown, we thought it time to use a platform like Spotify to allow our readers and visitors a more seamless listen to 30 of our favourite independently made and released tracks at any given time. The fact that we can only fit 30 into our chart at any given time is frustrating because there is always so much good new stuff out there so the Spotify platform it is.

I can remember Johan Angergard from Labrador Records advising me to get on to Spotify as early as 2009, just a year after it and we started. It only took nine more years for me to comfortable enough with it to use it regularly on a number of levels. The fact they still pay artists fuck all for their music and use the term “indie” like its a genre limited to twee, folk and a commercial form of synth pop is just two of many of my gripes.

By more accident than design, we decided to choose independently released House music as our first ongoing playlist. Newest tracks will be featured first and tracks will be replaced as they age beyond number 30.

You might have also noticed a Spotify icon next to our social links. You will find all our playlists there including each week’s Top 30 chart. You will also find the introduction to each genre based playlist in the Lists section of our menu.

The beginning of the 30 track playlist is below featuring our favourite new House numbers taking in many of its subgenres. The playlist is limited to original tracks only. We do intend to include a remix playlist at some stage.



Updated 25 May, 2018.