30. Outbreaker

La Fleur (SWE)

From the EP, ‘Outbreaker’, Watergate Records.

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29. A Shape In The River

Melbourne Cans (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Heat Of The Night’, Lost & Lonesome Recording Co. Out Jul 13.

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28. Must Be Nice

Varsity (USA)

From the album, Parallel Person’, Babe City Records.

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27. Done Thinking About It

Faustina Masigat (USA)

From the album, ‘Faustina Masigat’, Mama Bird Recording Co.

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26. Roots


From the forthcoming EP, ‘Theories’, Tone Tree Music. Out Jun 13,

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25. You Gotta Know

Cassy x Pete Moss (ENG/USA)

From the EP, ‘You Gotta Know Part 1’, Kwench Records.

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24. Running

Girls Of The Internet (ENG)

From the digital single ‘Running’, Drab Queen Records
From the 12″ EP, ‘When U Go’, Ramp Records

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23. Necessaries

Many Voices Speak (SWE)

From the single, ‘Necessaries’, Strangers Candy/Hit City USA.

Many Voices Speak Facebook

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22. Seven Sounds

Happy Axe (AUS)

From the single, ‘Seven Sounds’, Spirit Level.

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21. Controller

Channel Tres (USA)

From the single, ‘Controller’, Godmode.

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