noun: integrity
  1. 1.
    the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Back In January Cluj-Napoca Techno DJ/Producer (Andrei) Harpa released his debut album, simply called Album. Appearing on it is the menacingly dark, dense atmosphere and sauntering rhythms of acid heavy ‘Integrity’, a cut he’s just dropped as a stand alone single. Originally released in shorter version on an EP in August 2017, it remains a timely track given the Romanian people’s fight against corruption and the relaxing of laws around the probity of public officials last December. Graft has become a way of life among much of Romania’s political and business class and Harpa’s creation of sinister atmospherics perfectly reflects the  dangers posed by a political elite running an economic system designed for themselves where morals and ethics are ignored to favour of the selfish whims of rich businessmen (emphasis on men).

This is not restricted to countries like Romania, this is a worldwide phenomenon. After 30 years of crushing neoliberalism, the anti-people actions of the corporate world and the invisible hand of the market have normalised soft corruption and eroded away much of the modest amount of integrity the existed in capitalist economics in the first place. Corporations have always cynically use the word integrity for brand marketing and public relations purposes. They have long since left the building when it comes to even trying to incorporate honesty and decency into their inhumane bureaucratic structures, not to mention the manipulative relationship they have with governments and the communities they profit greatly from.

‘Integrity’ follows up the April EP Flat Screen World and can be purchased here. Check out the stream below.



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