With ‘Seven Sounds‘ spending its sixth and last week in our chart, Canberra based violinist & singer-songwriter Emma Kelly aka Happy Axe, has released the stirring second single, ‘Cheshire Heart’ from her forthcoming debut album Dream Punching. Lyrically it deals with how influential the expectations put upon us are in determining so much of our lives and Kelly’s widescreen vocals seem to represent the sense of catharsis that stems from being aware of them. But the daunting score, set to a looped beat made by Kelly’s stilted taps on her mic, sees violin saw and pitch manipulated violin melodies serve as metaphorical reminders of the bruising nature of social convention and the very real damage it can do to the concept of self and the limits it can put on potential.

Cheshire Heart is out now on Spirit Level. Stream it below and purchase it digitally here. Dream Punching will be out later this year.


Cheshire Heart

Happy Axe (AUS)

From the single, ‘Cheshire Heart’, Spirit Level.

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