Last week we shared the first of a number of genre based 30 track playlists we intend to share on the Spotify streaming platform. Today sees us share a selection of 30 new independent and underground techno tracks released over the past month or so. Last week saw new albums released by English veterans Surgeon (Luminosity Devices) and Alexander Kowalski (Cycles) and also from Spanish DJ/Producer Tensal (Graphical). A track from each gets the balling rolling. Also new this week is a track from the new EP Modern Chaos from Argentinian Flug as well as the title track from the Against Gravity EP from the Berlin based combination of Gallya and Adelaide expat. Juliet Fox.

Newest tracks are be featured first and tracks will be replaced once they number beyond number 30 as new ones are released.

Go to the Spotify icon under Follow Us in the sidebar to your left to access all our playlists including the House one we released on Tuesday as well as each week’s Top 30 chart. More genre based playlists to follow over the next month.

All playlists are regularly updated and limited to original tracks only. If you like what you hear don’t forget to activate the follow button so you keep regularly updated.



Updated June 1, 2018