A couple of weeks back Melbourne outfit Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever unveiled the second cut from their forthcoming debut album Hope Downs. ‘An Air Conditioned Man’ very much takes its cues from what was achieved on our thrilling number one track of 2017 ‘French Press’. Relentless rhythmic discipline combines with a three lead triple play as all three guitarists go at it in a form of separated unity which sees them cut effortlessly across each other never to collide. Fran Keaney’s half sung half spoken word vocals add to the frenetic nature of the track that lyrically traces the exhaustion and distance from nature city life brings. Hope Downs is out on Sub Pop and Ivy League on June 15. Pre-order here and listen to ‘An Air Conditioned Man’ below with lyric video.


An Air Conditioned Man

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Hope Downs’, Ivy League/Sub Pop. Out Jun 15.

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