30. Cheshire Heart

Happy Axe (AUS)

From the single, ‘Cheshire Heart’, Spirit Level.

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29. Back In Brooklyn

Half Waif (USA)

From the album, ‘Lavender’, Cascine.

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28. Integrity

Harpa (ROM)

From the single, ‘Integrity’, Self Released.

Harpa Bandcamp

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27. Cruel

Blush Response (AUS)

From the album, ‘Hearts Grow Dull’, Babe City Records.

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26. Skin

Mere Women (AUS)

From the split single w/Harmony ‘Skin/Fatal Flaw’, Poison City Records/Our Golden Friend. (Not available as a stand alone purchase)

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25. Necessaries

Many Voices Speak (SWE)

From the single, ‘Necessaries’, Strangers Candy/Hit City USA.

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24. An Air Conditioned Man

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Hope Downs’, Ivy League/Sub Pop. Out Jun 15.

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Lyric Video

23. From The Exotism To The Future

Underspreche (ITA)

From the compilation, ‘Secret Weapons: Part 10, Innervisions.

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Audio Stream (You Tube – Edit)

22. Roots


From the forthcoming EP, ‘Theories’, Tone Tree Music. Out Jun 13,

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21. Watercolour Challenge

Actress (ENG)

From the forthcoming compilation, ‘Modeselektion Vol. 4’, Monkeytown Records

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