Selección Natural, the new collaborative techno project from Spanish producers Oscar Mulero (Pole Group head), Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval (Exium) and Juan Rico (Reeko) dropped their superb self titled debut record last week. It’s the PoleGroup label’s 50th release and a relentless ride from start to finish. A ride where you’ll find no flashy distractions or superfluous diversions, just creatively nuanced layers of compelling straight out techno.

The collaboration between the quartet was done separately with one laying down their part and then passing it on through randomly to each of the others to continue and complete. The impressive results symbolise the close musical connection between them as they successfully captured and built on the essence of what the Gijon based label is about both in process and output making this a release that techno afficionados of all stripes will appreciate.

In their explanation of what the record is not (and they are not talking about techno’s eccentrics and experimentalists), the label take a bit of a veiled swipe at the “bells and whistles” the more unfocused parts of the techno landscape preoccupied with factors other than music have taken to.

“You’ll find no ambient interludes, no anthems, no big breakdowns… every piece in this creation has been designed for the finest dance floors. Rough textures mixed with solid beats and continuous synth lines, techno in essence made by those who never left the boat during rough times—pioneers making the soundtrack of the future.”

Check out a part of that soundtrack to the future in the form of the frenetic ‘Molecular Genetics’ and witness its elastic elemental centre get simultaneouly battered by unswerving rhythm and engulfed by whirring atmospherics. Together with the rest of the record its an ample demonstration that it is always a genre’s creative players and purveyors, pure in heart and respectful in mind that will forge its new paths and directions and ultimately therefore ensure its growth and survival.

The release comes comes in three parts with track details below. It consists of the original 8 track double vinyl which is out now with a two track digital only release and another vinyl to follow later this year. The 2×12″ vinyl and its digital equivalent are available here.


Molecular Genetics

Selección Natural (ESP)

From the double album, ‘Selección Natural’, PoleGroup.

PoleGroup Official

Audio Stream

Tracklist: Selección Natural (PoleGroup 50 – 2×12 vinyl & Digital)

A1. Expression Gnt
A2. Molecular Genetics
B1. Hox Genes
B2. Biological Fitness
C1. Random Mutations
C2. Genotype
D1. Geometric Animal
D2. Evolution

PoleGroup 50.1 (digital only – release date TBA)

01. Negative Selection
02. Struggle for Existence

PoleGroup 50.2 (vinyl and digital – release date TBA)

A1. Necton
A2. Prokaryotic
B1. Replicant Isolation
B2. Transmutation