A couple of days back Chromatics released an eight track vinyl only EP, Camera which sold out in less than 48 hours. It relates to Dear Tommy in the same way as the ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Shadow’ EP’s did. For those who missed a copy the good news is that on Tuesday, a white vinyl version will be available from their website Italians Do It Better.  It features two new tracks ‘Taste of Blood’ and ‘Flashback to Forever’  and re-recorded versions of ‘Dear Tommy’ and ‘Camera’ which now has vocals from Ruth Radelet after guitarist Adam Miller featured on the previous version.

In addition, back in May the new Chromatics single ‘Black Walls’ was released coinciding with announcement on the new forthcoming release timeframe of the long delayed album its comes from, Dear Tommy. According to the band’s representative the album will be out later this year. The new single is the first since the second half of 2016 and follows the same familiar sonic and visual path found on previous Dear Tommy singles where a sense of slight tension is mixed in with an overall sense of cool detachment. Both feelings are represented by an individual focus on each of the band’s contemplative gaze and backdropped by the signature use of red and black colours on nocturnal silhouettes. One thing the long wait has proven though is that the Chromatics musical approach and output is not going to get tired anytime soon.

Dear Tommy has been awaiting release since its announcement in December 2014. Originally completed and pressed in late 2015, the fastidious Jewel, ended up destroying 25,000 vinyl and CD copies early in 2016 and re-recording the whole thing in its entirety. He did similar during Kill For Love’s three year gestation period. And although its more likely to happen this time this blogger knows better than that to mention its release season, let alone month or day. You can read that speculation elsewhere. Thus, all we will say is Dear Tommy will in all probability come out at some stage later this year (even that’s fraught with danger). In the meantime, lose yourself in the smooth tension of ‘Black Walls’ below.

Tracklist – Camera EP (Vinyl only) Sold Out – White version out Tuesday

1 Camera
2 Camera (Vocal)
3 Camera (Instrumental)
4 Magazine (Club Mix)
5 The Taste of Blood
6 Flashback to Forever
7 Dear Tommy (On Film)
8 Magazine (Club Instrumental)


Black Walls

Chromatics (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Dear Tommy’, Italians Do It Better’. Release date TBA.

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